The product is used on the 5100kW and 3400kW electrical locomotives equipped with storage batteries having a rated voltage of 110V and is designed to work as a buffer assuring the loading current of the batteries and the current supply of the auxiliary circuits which have a rated voltage of 110V.
- Supply voltage: 230Vdc - Minimum supply voltage: 161Vdc - Maximum supply voltage: 253Vdc - Nominal supply voltage on output at 25ºC (U0N25): 124Vcc ± 1% - Protection on minimum supply voltage (U0min): 70Vcc ± 2% - Protection on maximum supply voltage (U0max): 144Vcc ± 2% - Nominal output current: 18 Adc - Maximum output current in limitation (I0lim): 20Acc ± 2% - Protection on maximum current (I0SC): 30Acc ± 5% - Voltage load compensation with the batteries temperature: 129,4Vcc ± 1%, la 0ºC, 118,6Vcc ± 1%, la 50ºC