2010-2012 - Complete upgrade kit tests for asynchronous diesel electric locomotives - LDE 2300 HP and LDE 2700 HP 

01/03/2010 -  PROMAT received CAN-CiA Membership 

23 - 26/09/2008 - PROMAT at Inno Trans 2008, Berlin

Inno Trans is the world's leading transport technology fair. In 2008 it reunited 1904 exhibitors from 41 countries on a 132 909 sqm area. The number of visitors it attracted was also considerable: 80 000 people from more than 100 countries. Promat was among the exhibitors with its diagnostics, monitoring and signalling system for locomotives.

18/02/2008 - Development Capacity Certification

ANCS (Romania's National Authority for Scientific Research) has granted us its certification regarding our capacity to perform research and development activities.

Promat. Effectiveness, Reliability, Fast Response.

PROMAT Craiova, a company with private capital, founded in 1993, has as object of activity the production of electronic and electrotechnical equipment for locomotives and wagons. The company is certified with the ISO 9001 quality system. By promoting the highly qualified work, we have succeeded in becoming a railway supplier certified by the Romanian Railway Authority. Our products are of high quality and meet all standards. The seriousness and professionalism we demonstrate make PROMAT Craiova the ideal business partner. In addition to these products, the company develops purchasing, monitoring, analysis and decision systems used in the industrial field. The purpose of the company PROMAT Craiova is to revolutionize the activity in the field of railways, offering products based on a new, innovative structure. In this respect, the company develops a research system that addresses the latest discoveries in the field.