EC Bo-Bo 3400kW Locomotive



EC Co-Co 5100kW Locomotive


Diesel Locomotive Co-Co 



Co-Co locomotive asynchrone

Diesel asincron



Modernization steps:

  • replacement of the transformer's tap changer with static converters based on thyristors or IGBTs
  • replacement of the heavy-duty contactors with semiconductor-controlled rectifiers;
  • use of static converters for the supply of auxiliary services;
  • replacement of the piston compressor with a rotary screw compressor;
  • installation of an electronic wheelslip protection system that improves traction force;
  • installation of a DSP-type traction control computer, which allows the isolation of any traction motor in the event of a fault and their diagnosis;
  • upgrade of the battery charger
  • installation of a central computer for locomotive control and malfunction diagnosis
  • using a cab monitor to display the locomotive status;
  • reinforced glass based dashboard
  • using a controller for speed control and traction current;
  • installing an air conditioning system for each driver cab;

The technical solutions are based on the customer's needs and on the locolmotive's characteristics.