Over the last years we have been granted no less than 19 patents and since last year we have been part of a national research and development programme, after being recognised as a research and development unit by ANCS (National Authority for Scientific Research). Below you can find copies of the paperwork submitted to ANCS:  

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The absolute key to our business success lies in our human resources. The research and development department is staffed by 12 experienced engineers, who are inspired in their work not only by their past achievements, but also by state-of-the-art technology. The company is constantly on the lookout for the latest, most reliable component parts available worldwide, from the US to China and from Germany to Japan, in order to be able to set new standards in locomotive modernisation. 

Development and Innovation - PROMAT is aware of the fast and permanent development of the economic environment and we are prepared to face challenges, explore new opportunities and improve every day.

Quality - PROMAT provides high quality products. Our goal is to achieve the best possible level of customer satisfaction by promptly and effectively meeting all requests.

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Environmental Awareness - We are not only striving after business success, but are also taking full environmental responsibility, both at company and at individual empoyee level.