SIBA-LDE is used on A.C.-A.C. Diesel electric locomotives to supply the diving circuits and to charge the battery. The battery charging unit is mounted in the apparatus block. SIBA-LDE send information about the output voltage and current to the central computer unit using 4...20 mA current signals. The modular construction allows easy service. SIBA-LDE uses the latest IGBT technology. Also, the product controls the charging voltage depending on the battery compartment temperature wich provides an optimal use of the batteries.


Battery charging current is limited up to: 70 Adc ± 5% Output current with maximum load: 250 Adc ± 5% Input voltage: 575 Vdc ± 5% The supply has: • Output overload protection; • Output short circuit protection up to 300 Adc; • Output over-voltage protection; Battery compartment temperature compensation of charging voltage: •Vdc ± 1%, at 0°C; •Vdc ± 1%, at 50°C; IP degree: IP20; Net weight: 22kg Operating temperature: -25°C...+70°C