The product is used on 5100kW and 3400kW electric locomotives equipped with 110V rated voltage storage batteries. It supplies charging current to the batteries and powers 110 Vdc auxiliary circuits. Thanks to this product storage batteries are optimally used, as charging voltage is adjusted to the temperature in the battery unit.


- Rated supply voltage: 230Vrms - Minimum supply voltage: 161Vrms - Maximum supply voltage: 253Vrms - Rated output voltage at an ambient temperature of 25ºC (U0N25): 124Vdc ± 1% - Output voltage that generates the minimum voltage protection trigger (U0min): 70Vdc ± 2% - Output voltage that generates the protection against overvoltage trigger (U0max): 144Vdc ± 2% - Rated output current: 18 Adc - Limited maximum output current (I0lim): 20Adc ± 2% - Protection against excess current (I0SC): 30Adc ± 5% - Compensation of temperature charging voltage from battery unit : 129,4Vdc ± 1%, la 0ºC, 118,6Vdc ± 1%, la 50ºC.