This product replaces the servo-regulator for electromagnetic fields used on 2100 HP diesel-electric locomotives. It is designed to regulate the current in the separate operating winding of the main generator, to control the stages of field weakening and to protect traction motors against overvoltage. It is also used for wheel slip control and for protection against excess current on motor groups.


Minimum supply voltage: 110Vdc Rated supply voltage: 170Vdc Output current(excitation): 3,6...28A depending on the position of the slider (0-40), supply voltage (170Vdc) and connected load resistance (5,4Ù) Generator voltage in limiting operation: 950V±3% Maximum generator voltage that generates the overvoltage protection trigger: 1050V±3% Protection on engine groups against excess current: 1450Adc±1% The protections triggers for each group of traction motors. Manual or automatic resetting. Wheel slip protection based on the current and voltage of the motors in each group, with two triggering levels. The protection is implemented using software routines. Net weight: 13,6Kg±10%.