Retrofitted Co-Co 5100kW ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVE model EA 5100


Promat has contributed high-tech equipment and state-of-the-art solutions to the modernisation of electrical EC 3400 kW and EA 5100 kW locomotives.

Coco Locomotive Image 1

Relying on the success of modernised Bo-Bo 3400kW electrical locomotives in 2005, in December 2006 we began to implement continuous adjustment with thyristors on low-voltage power circuits on EA 5100kW locomotives.

So far we have modernised over 63 locomotives of each type (from both passenger and freight train operators), in cooperation with companies specialised in the maintenance and overhaul of locomotives and as part of the regular repairs schedule.

Coco Locomotive Image 3

The modernised locomotive preserves its original shape and dimensions.The novelty lies in the additional electrical facilities, based on a modular platform of state-of-the-art components. This leads to increased reliability, safety, durability, easy maintenance, adaptability and a high comfort level for the engine driver.

The first EA 5100-T locomotive was put into operation at the end of 2006 and has so far run 100.000 km in freight transport, recording 3000 hours of compressor operation. This locomotive has a system of voltage adjustment on traction motors that uses half-controlled bridge with thyristors.

Coco Locomotive Image 2

The locomotive has run in severe conditions of temperature, dust and powders that are good conductors of electricity. It has travelled with fully charged trains, on railway lines of maximum admissible slopes and under diverse weather conditions, but has always worked without fault, to our and our customer's greatest satisfaction.

  • Here is the list of improvements by Promat:
  • The dimmer-selector assembly has been removed, together with all the special problems it used to generate during operation;
  • increased operation reliability of auxiliary machine motors due to the static converters;
  • lower noise level from forced ventilation motors due to the introduction of rotation speed stages depending on traction motor currents; a state-of-the-art air production system - last generation made by Gardner Denver, highly compact, suitable for use on locomotives;
  • effective wheel slip control resulting in better traction force;
  • monitoring of locomotive operation under all operating conditions by means of a state-of the art information system;
  • simplification of traction and control diagrams;
  • improved driving conditions for engine drivers;
  • easily-done diagnostics and overhauls/repairs;
  • longer service intervals