Retrofitted Diesel-Electric Locomotive, model 060-DA with AC powered Auxiliary Services


Our research team managed, though several projects, to develop high-technology equipment that was installed on the 060-DA diesel-electric locomotive.

Our success with the Bo-Bo 3400 kW and Co-Co EA5100 kW electric locomotives has prompted us to implement the static voltage and frequency converter and to equip the auxiliary services with non-synchronous motors with cage armature.The earlier direct current motors had to be replaced because they required a lot of maintenance and were no longer produced by the supplier.

In addition, the old and less reliable piston compressor driven by a direct current motor has been replaced by a production air system driven by a non-synchronous motor with cage armature, produced by Mighty Prod SRL Craiova.

An electronic servo-regulator of the electromagnetic field (type: SREC 170/30R-PP) has been introduced for a better management of the traction force and a faster and more effective response in case of wheel slip.

We have also implemented a start chopper for the protection of the diesel motor and of the battery. This device ensures a start-up without mechanical shocks in the diesel motor by means of limited current.

LDE-DA-2100 HP diesel electric locomotives are used for passenger and freight trains. Here is the list of improvements which are performed on these locomotives during scheduled repairs:

  • Auxiliary services static converter; power: 70KVA; powered from the auxiliary generator at a voltage of 170 VDC. The voltage delivered on the output is of 3x220V, 0÷50Hz.
  • Encased screw compressor in one piece, driven by a non-synchronous motor with cage armature.
  • Non-synchronous electric motors with cage armature for driving the auxiliary services.
  • Electronic servo-regulator of the electromagnetic field with wheel slip protection, type: SREC 170/30R-PP.
  • Three stages of traction motor field weakening, which are controlled depending on locomotive speed.
  • Chopper for starting up diesel engine at limited current.
  • Equipment of control, protection and signalling on a LCD-display.
  • Electronic voltage and current regulator (type: RAT 18L) for the auxiliary generator.
  • Modernised driver console made of ABS and stick-shaped controller.
  • Equipment for monitoring insulation resistance on low/high-voltage circuits. (type: AMRI 1000/170).
  • Coleman air-conditioning equipment, powered from a static converter of type CSC 8-LDE.
  • Heating by means of PTC heating elements for both operator cabs.
  • Equipment of speed measurement and recording with an integrated INDUSI and a safety and vigilance device.
  • Fuel measurement device with data displayed in the operator cab.
  • Ergonomic charis, refrigerator.