Upon request, our company can design automated and computerised electrical and industrial applications on systems with analogical and digital components, with microcontrollers (ranging from low-cost to high-end), as well as on classical PC systems in industrial or normal range. We also develop the necessary firmware and software. The execution environment can be propertary or of general use: applications adapted to a specific platform, micro-kernels or specialised operating mini-systems, real-time systems or even Windows XP Embedded and Linux, as well as end-user operating systems and Desktop applications. For firmware and software projects we use visual development environments that are either specific to the microcontrollers or well-known environments, such as Microsoft Visual Studio. Development in these environments is done in Assembler, C(ANSI), Pascal, C++, Java, with the help of technologies such as COM/DCOM or DOT NET. We can also develop PC applications that are auxiliary to the system or even outsourcing applications, web applications using specific languages and technologies (PHP, JSP, servlets, ASP/.NET, XML etc) and database applications (Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE, MySQL etc. )